This is by far the most extensive, useful, accurate, up-to-date, and continuously growing “guest blogging websites list” ever made.

You are probably asking yourself why you as a blogger, writer, content creator, PR person, or business owner wearing all sorts of hats would need one?

Well… It’s pretty simple!

So you can spend more time pitching, writing, and managing your relationship with editors and publishers
Finding websites where you can submit guest posts looks like a piece of cake. A matter of few clicks and a couple of minutes to find guest blogging opportunities you can pitch to.

If you gave it a shot on your own, you know by now that searching for websites is not the most exciting or inspiring thing to do.

It is a time consuming, tiringunpleasing, unexciting, and an extremely boring task.

The worst part is that when you are searching and curating your own list of websites, well, you are not writing content or building relationships with editors… which should be your main focus…

How about if you had:

Pitching, outreach, submission contacts for more than 4k+ media outlets, blogs, and websites accepting guest posts, organized into 26 main subjects and more than 300+ topics. And more than 200+ entries paying for articles.
This will definitely give you a head start right?


My list will help you save time and spare you a lot of headaches by leading you right to the pitching ground

Think of it as a shortcut. A prep task done for you ahead to help you start your guest blogging journey right away. Instead of searching for potential targets, you’ll just pick the ones fitting your subjects and goals and start working on your pitching/submission process.


A bit of background

Hey! I’m Adame! I’m the one behind guestblogging.io

I help solopreneurs, coaches & trainers, writers, and SMBs to harness the power of the web, SEO, SEM, and SMO. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness for their businesses, brands and promote or sell their products and services.

I’m also a “most viewed writer” at Quora in multiple subjects related to my expertise with 600k+ answers’ views so far and growing (humblebrag).

As part of my services, I keep track of any interesting guest blogging opportunity that would fit my customers’ niches and needs.

I was into that since 2015.

I even released my first compiled guest blogging websites list in 2016 with more than 1400+ entries (sold at $5/access at the time). I had to stop updating it a year after mainly because the format (a large Google Sheet document) wasn’t convenient for most users.

Here is a glimpse of my 2016 former list:

It’s actually still live right here! But I suggest you don’t bother with my former list I just added it for reference. 

It’s just fascinating to see how relics of the past made with current technology and best practices at the time just make no sense years after I wouldn’t pay a penny for a list like that!

Anyway, I kept growing my own websites’ database privately since then.

Fast-forward to 2019…

My database reached a point where I needed a more effective way to add more entries, maintain the old ones, and make it as convenient as possible for my customers to use.

I spent 6 months working on a model fitting that purpose…

To be honest, I was planning on selling the access to the list. I even started promoting it. But seeing all the crappy, outdated, and unusable data out there, I couldn’t help but switch off any restrictions to access my own list.

I want to genuinely help you people




I periodically add new entries and clean up old ones when needed.

So, you are guaranteed to always have an accurate, up-to-date, and growing list for the years to come.


To make this guest blogging list a real helping tool and not just another flat list with names and links, I collect the right information to help you quickly find the kind of website you need.

The collected information includes metrics like:

  • Domain strength.
  • Publishing difficulty.
  • Monthly traffic estimate. ⇇ new
  • Top countries visited. ⇇ new


To help you save even more time, I visually coded each metric with easy to spot colors as follows:

  • Red (average).
  • Orange (above average).
  • Green (good).


All features, data, and functionalities are optimized to look and behave efficiently in desktop, tablets, and mobile devices.

All elements adapt to any screen size to give you the best user experience possible.

The Android App is ready and will be released soon on Google Play Store (free for members). I’m happy toon an iOS app too if there is enough interest.

You can in a glance decide which website is the right one to achieve your goals.

It gets even better on the single website view

You get additional information about:


Guest posting status and method.


Direct links to pages-of-interest, guidelines, posting forms, and emails.


If the website accepts sponsored posts.


If the site has 3rd party authors able to post on your behalf.


If the website has a compensation system for guest bloggers.


Human maintained and continiously growing guest bloggins websites list

I don’t rely on scripts scraping insignicant data. Every single entry is added, scored, and maintained manually.

That’s why my list has up to x10 more entries than any free or paid guest blogging list resource you will ever find.

Even if we count all the outdated, obsolete, and low-quality entries in all other guest blogging lists, this list still has the most extensive, useful, accurate, and continuously growing guest blogging websites list ever made.

And I defy anyone to offering anything similar


It will cost you time, a lot of nerdy tools, and a long learning curve and know-how to hopefully find some of the entries listed in my list.

It will soon hit the 5k entries milestore

I expect it to happen in

Oh, did I mention that it’s way more than just a list?


Providing this curated guest blogging website list is just the beginning

I’m continuously working on enhancing the list and adding more resources, tools, in a quest to be your sole guest blogging sidekick. That’s where the idea of “perks” comes to play.

Perks can either be a series of enhancements to live products, like my guest blogging list, or totally newly crafted guest-posting-focused goodies and resources.

As a community member, you get to vote for the perks you want to see next. So, you get to decide how my resources kit evolves

Qualified perks reaching the right “backing votes” are released for no additional charge* to all my guest blogging community members.

* Excludes paid courses produced by 3rd party coaches and hosted by us.
Here is the list of currently unlocked perks and what’s coming next.


Welcome to the perks zone

Unlocked perks

The following additions are now available.

Android App

new tool

The Android app is ready. I'm just waiting for approval to be listed on Google Play Store ;) 


Bookmark system

list enhancement

You can now bookmark your favorite websites pages so you can quickly find them back when needed. An account is needed to sync bookmarks between multiple devices.


Traffic information

list enhancement

Listings show now traffic information (visits per month) and top countries visited. Handy if you want to target specific countries/audiences.


Articles samples

list enhancement

Websites cards now include the latest articles as content samples. This should help you get an idea about what kind of articles a media outlet uses.

Upcoming perks

Your subscription will help unlock one of the next perks!

Annotation System

new tool
Unlocks after 1179 votes
You will be able to add notes to each website listing like documenting your progress. An account is needed for this feature.

Broken links list

list enhancement
Unlocks after 1391 votes
A list of broken outgoing links that can be used to ask for links replacements to point to your own website, product, or service.

Pitch emails templates

new resource
Unlocks after 2199 votes
Top grade pitching/reach out emails to enhance chances to be considered by editors.

Pro Writers Directory

new product
Unlocks after 4589 votes
Find professional content writers and facilitators to help you write and publish your content on high-end websites and media outlets. An application and portfolio validation is needed to be part of the pro-writers listings.

Guest blogging courses

new resource
Unlocks after 4683 votes
A series of courses to help you comply with guest blogging trends and standards. My own course will be released for free. 3rd party courses might be paid ones or offered with a considerable discount.

iOS App

new tool
Unlocks after 4933 votes
I can work on an iOS app if there is enough interest.

What perk do you want to seen next?

Hope that my list helps you land some guest posts